If you’re in Srinagar then do not forget to visit these places

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If you’re in Srinagar then do not forget to visit these places

Peace of Heaven Srinagar may be a modern Waterworld, dominated by its Lake and its twisting waterways, tree-lined Nagin Lake, and the Jhelum river. Engulf yourself in native culture by clasping your one leg and dealings local wooden boats called shikaras for daytime or twilight cruise. On the land, stroll through the terraced hillsides of the 400-year-old Mughal Gardens, created by Emperor Jahangir for his wife, and a shop for autochthonous crafts like hand-woven silks and embroidered shawls.


Dal Lake may be a stunning place in the midst of the hills in the middle of Srinagar town. The summer capital of Jammu and geographical region. It’s associated urban lake, the second-largest lake in Jammu.

Geographical region and most visited places in Srinagar by tourists and locals. Business enterprise and recreation in the geographical region vale and multifariously called the “Lake of Flowers”, Once more everyone calls it the “jewel in the crown of Kashmir” or “the jewel of Srinagar”. The lake is also a crucial supply for commercial activity of fishing and hydrophyte assortment. Throughout the winter season, temperatures will generally reach −11 °C (12 °F), state change the lake.

The decaliter lake covers a neighborhood of eighteen sq. kilometers (6.9 sq mi) and is an element of natural soil it’s Floating gardens cover twenty-one.1 sq. kilometers (8.1 sq mi). The floating garden, called “Raad” in Kashmiri, blooms With lotus flowers in July and August. The marsh is split into four basins by causeways; Gagribal, Lokut Dal, physical body Decaliter associated Nigen (although Nigen is additionally thought of as a freelance lake). Lokuta decaliter associated bod Decaliter every has an island center, called Rupa Lanka (or char china) and Sona Lanka severally.
Famous. Nature, Photography
Entry fees. Not needed
Visiting Time: 7 A.M – 8 P.M.
Things to do:-
Premium Trekking purposes, Lord Shiva Temple, Boat ride facility, and Fishing however special
permission is required from the Endeavor authorities.

A way to reach dal lake From Srinagar Airport:-

Srinagar terminal is concerning 1-2 metric linear units from the most gate of the landing field, you have to exit on foot, associated rent an autorickshaw outside the landing field gate or higher to rent a cab by reprehension of a cab vendor Can which is able to be cheaper and he will accompany you.
You may additionally learn loads from him until the destination.


Yousmarg may be a hill station within the Indian union territory of Jammu and geographical
the region, situated within the western section of the Kashmir vale. It’s associated with alpine vale wherever you may see naturally covering mountains and Pine and fir plains. It’s 12-13 metric linear units south of Charari Sharif, a city in Jammu and the geographical region Budgam region. It’s located on the banks of Dudh Ganga stream, a tributary of Jehlum stream.

The place Pir Panjal is located on the summit and may be a Himalayan sub-range. It’s on the banks of the
Doodh Ganga river, a Tributary of the Jehlum stream. It’s located within the Pir Panjal peaks, a chain sub-range. The
Sunset Peak and also the Expeditions depart from this hill station because the peak here consists
of 2 peaks. it’s located at a height of two,396 meters (7,861 feet) higher than the water level. it’s situated 47 kilometers south of Srinagar, the capital. it’s an alpine vale wherever you will see naturally covering mountains and
Pine and fir plains. it’s 12-13 metric linear units south of Charari Sharif, a city in Jammu and a geographical region
Budgam region. it is located on the banks of Dudh Ganga stream, a tributary of Jehlum stream.

The place Pir Panjal is located on the summit and maybe a Himalayan sub-range the wonder of the meadows is increased by the presence of Nilnag, Doodh Ganga, and a recently made artificial dam. Yusmarg is enclosed by
beautiful flora and fauna.
This lovely destination has several valleys and peaks with opaque color merging. flowing waterknown as Doodh Ganga, this place desires a lot of development and maintenance. Horse riding is obtainable at this
beautiful place with kinds of horses. for correct integration of Doodh Ganga with Yousmarg, roads ought to be developed to
have higher property
throughout the year. a lot of hotels, restaurants, and guest homes ought to be built for the night
residethis place

 A way to reach Yousmarg From Srinagar Airport:-
The nearest landing field to Yousmarg is Srinagar
 transport –
The nearest terminal to Yusmarg is at Jammu, which is 287 metric linear units away. to succeed in
Yusmarg you’ll rent a cab or
take transport such as a bus, And once reaching the destination you’ll rent a taxi to succeed in
Things to try to do in Yousmarg:-

Horse Riding, Trout Fishing, Trekking.

some of the spots that build Yusmarg a must-see spot:-
 Pakherpora Shrine:-
One of the oldest and most exquisite shrines in the geographical region. located at the high altitude of Pir
Panjal chain of mountains, the place is truly awing and enclosed by Alpine forest. the attractive blue color of the shrine building is exclusive, adding more beauty to its place.


Doodhganga stream comes from the Pir Panjal chain of mountains of Kashmir and runs beside
the famed holidaymaker’s destination of Yousmarg it finally joins the river Jhelum in Srinagar.


Worth Visiting Place each On nonsecular Aspects as well As Having Amusement And
Recreation. Shrine of Almadaar ( R.A )
is completely Relieving From All The Worldly Tens


Beautiful place for a picnic.
The lake is often approached from Yousmarg also by endeavoring a trek of four km for nearly
one hour.
The lake is additionally motorable. From Srinagar, you have got reach Chardoora and then
Nagam, wherever from a
the straight road can take you to the spot.

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