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Rajasthan Tour
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Rajasthan, The state of palaces

Have you got fed-up of visiting the conventional tourist spots like the beaches and mountains? Want to explore some exquisite destination in India? Then the deserts and palaces of Rajasthan is the best way to quench your thirst. Lets give you a virtual tour of your next destination!!

Rajasthan, located in the north-western part of India taking up majority of Thar Desert  is a royal, regal and a magical universe of color coded kingdoms.

A colorful state decorated with the red turbans, green saris, camels and vast stretches of yellow sand.

A place where medieval forts stand tall and proud, mystical dessert that has witnessed many wars, have so many stories to hide and narrate.  A place so rich in art and cultures.

Now without wasting your time lets go straight to the places you must visit during your Rajasthan tour.

  • Direct from the pages of the history Chittogarh Fort stands will all its palaces, towers, reservoirs and gateways akin to an English castle- filled with the tales of magic and heroism along with the architectural excellence.
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort represents the defensive architecture at its finest with its Wall which is the second largest in the world after The Great Wall of China .
  • Amber fort which colors its surroundings in the hues of pink and yellow, received the title of world heritage site should definitely make space in your places-to-visit list.
  • Rajasthan tour is incomplete without taking a secular voyage to the holy places like:– 

  • The Akshardham Temple in the capital Pink City of Jaipur, dedicated to Lord Narayan whose idol is adorned with gold and silver embellishments.
  • Bagore Sahib, the sacred gurudwara marking Sri Guru Govind Singh Ji’s journey to Punjab.
  • Abdulla Pir Darga in Banswara is a stunning place clad in white to behold the muslim architecture.
  • The city of Pokhran which witnessed the first ever nuclear bomb tested in the soil of India and still bear its after effects is also a preferred visiting place of tourists .
  • Karni Mata temple in Deshnok which is the house of approx 20,000 rats that are believed to be the reincarnated heir of the sacred Karni Mata.
  • Not to forget the world heritage site, Jantar Mantar monument featuring the world’s largest stone sundial with a collection of 19 astronomical instruments built in the year 1734.
  • Other places you should not miss out are – the City Palace in Jaipur, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Albert Hall Museum- the oldest museum of Rajasthan decorated with exquisite ivory statues and crystal work, Pushkar Lake.
  • Anokhi Museum in Amber, showcasing beautiful Hand Paintings made by following age-old tradition of block-printing and the Amber Palace.

And the list still goes on……….

For culture lovers, Rajasthan is a paradise. Starting from International Folk Festival in Jodhpur which unites over 200 artists all over the world to Pushkar Camel Fair featuring camel races, beauty contests, famous puppet shows of Rajasthan, moustache competition ,from traditional attire like Ghagra-Kanchli to folk music like Maand, Parihar and dance like Ghoomar and Kalbeliya, Rajasthan has many more surprises for you.

Rajasthan is rich in wildlife with home for the prowling tiger to the largest flying bird- The Great Indian Bustard, to the graceful camel and many other endangered species as well.

Rajasthan the royal place of kings and queens, has vast collections of traditional jewelleries like the Rakhdi, a traditional head jewellery, lac jewelleries, ,bajubandh, Aad/Kathi necklace, Hathfool etc.

While visiting Rajasthan don’t forget to buy a few for yourself or your loved ones.

After learning about the details of Rajasthan, your determination must have increased 10 folds to visit The Rajasthan.

How to get there?

Rajasthan is well connected with rail services with Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Orissa, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and other states. Beside railways, Udaipur and Jaisalmer airports serves the purpose for those who prefer to travel by air.

Best time to visit:-

Last information that you need to know is when is the best time to visit Rajasthan? Though each season has its own beauty to offer but the time from October to March is considered to be the best time to explore Rajasthan.

Stop thinking much and just pack your bags and set out to explore the Royal City. 

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